Mid/night 00.00 - Body Scrub Bar 00.33 (100g) - Rosemary


Designed to reduce single-use plastic waste in your daily routine. Solid scrub with poppy seeds and coconut shell powder. Exfoliates and renews your skin. Poppy seeds and coconut shell powder promote gentle exfoliation, help remove dead skin cells and promote cell regeneration, leaving skin clean, soft and smooth.


Exfoliates, restores and removes all unwanted toxins

Stimulates cell renewal by eliminating dry and flaky skin

Soothes and deeply moisturises

Contains moringa oil, rosemary leaf oil & curcuma root powder

Suitable for all skin types

91% natural

Locally produced in Barcelona

PH balanced


Cruelty free




Mid/night 00.00 - Body Scrub Bar 00.33 (100g) - Rosemary