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Folk Monthly Newsletter | Spanking September

Folk Monthly Newsletter | Spanking September

Horse Latitudes

Rarely in your life will you read a book that leaves an imprint on you; like an old letterpress, literally stamping its way into your being, where the scenes flash before you repeatedly as if you’d lived them yourself, where the visceral language grabs you and remains with you long after the book is finished.

This summer, we found a book just like that: the utterly unputdownable (officially a word now) Horse Latitudes, by Chris Wilson. Here is a man who has taken his past life of heroin addiction and incarceration in US prisons and turned it into a thing of beauty. His memoir is poetic, it’s political, it’s raw. To date it has moved every person who has been lucky enough to come across it – including Cathal McAteer of Folk – who immediately started selling copies in the Soho shop. The book, published by the small but visionary Sorika, has almost sold out of its first print run and it’s amassing a cult following. We wanted you to be in on it.

Folk are hugely honoured to premiere Just Like You, a compelling 2-minute short featuring Chris Wilson narrating a passage from his memoir. Directed by Huse Monfaradi and conceived by the creatives Wayne Hanson and Jez Willy, the film will be used in upcoming weeks to promote the book worldwide. #horselatitudes. Get hash-tagging. You heard it here first. For a copy of the book, please visit or email

musiclabel Think You Don’t Have Time? Think Again You might find yourself launching a music label…

When you next think, "i just don't have time to do that", that thing you really want to do – writing that book, the foundation course, the short-film, going to the gym… check yourself, because you probably do. We want to introduce you to Chris Stoker. Not only is this dude from Sunderland Head of Global Sales at Folk, but he has managed to launch a music label with his buddy Andy Bainbridge – Not An Animal – in his ‘spare time’. Here’s all you need to know…

What made you want to start your own label?

It wasn't the goal when we started. It was always just to put on a party for our friends where we could listen to what we wanted. That party became Bad Passion - a night out on our terms. But as we started being more productive and releasing our own music on other labels (Me as ESS O ESS with Jamie Blanco & Andy as MACHETE SAVANE with Saul Richards) as well as our friends doing the same it seemed the natural thing to do. It ended up being a very organic process if somewhat drawn out. We've been talking about it for six years and I’m yet to see a copy on the racks... at least now we have a release date though.

How long have you been running Bad Passion and what exactly is it?

Bad Passion was a party that started in east London seven years ago by myself, Andy Bainbridge & Daniel Mitchell held in various spaces around East London. It is also our name as a DJ collective. Not An Animal is the natural Evolution of Bad Passion. It is the name for our new record label and the new party to accompany it. We are holding the NOT AN ANIMAL launch party on October 10, after releasing our 1st record this September.

You clearly live and breathe music… I've seen some dodgy footage of you on facebook dancing what does it do to you?

For all of its good points it generally finds a way of exhausting my bank account be it on records, equipment or nights out and subsequently having the better of me, but on the flip side it's also brought me together with all of the like-minded people I now call friends and it’s been a catalyst for all of the good times I remember and even the ones can't. It's also given me the opportunity to perfect some of the dances your referring to from Facebook. Despite what people think holes don't burn themselves in dance floors. Someone had to lead the march.

Why should anyone buy one of your records?

To line our pockets with silver so we can buy fur coats and jewels. Or perhaps just because they like them and want to support something honest that’s not manufactured or imitated.

What is the single best music-related experience you had this summer?

Watching Jonny Nash playing live at sunset by the beach at Garden Festival in Croatia with some of my nearest and dearest after spending all night at Barbarella's.

What festival should we be going to next year and why?

Every year we play at Garden Festival in Croatia. This summer was the 10-year anniversary and also the final one. It is being replaced by LOVE INTERNATIONAL, which is where we'll be going. A lot of the same great people involved but with some new ideas, so that's the one to watch for me. On top of that I thought GOTTWOOD festival was one of the best small festivals I've been to in the UK so will definitely be returning there.

To pre-order Not An Animal’s first release click here. Or for something free, have a listen to  The Backwoods Remix, which will also feature on the first release. For tickets to the Not An Animal launch party, click here.

pomandere Gettin shnuggy wid it

Don’t know about you guys, but because of this crazy cold weather all we can think about is what soup we’re going to eat and what cardigan we’re going to wear in front of the telly tonight. It’s all about getting shnuggy, and how best to achieve that. We asked our man Carlo Zanuso, of the beautifully-crafted Italian Pomandere (currently in stock in the women’s shop – bagsy we get first dibs on the cosy ecru cardi), what soup he likes to slurp on, when the days get cold and wet in his neck of the woods. Easy, he said, “nonna’s courgette and mint soup”. The talk of it got our taste buds jumping so we thought we’d share his family recipe…


Carlo’s courgette and mint soup Ingredients

  • 250 g peeled potatoes
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 60g butter
  • 250 courgettes
  • 700ml chicken/vegetable stock
  • 250 ml fresh cream
  • 40g fresh mint
  • fresh chives
  • Salt, pepper
  1. Boil the stock in a large pot. Add the potatoes, courgettes and cover the pot simmering on medium heat for about 20 minutes until the ingredients are soft.
  2. Allow the mixture to cool and liquidize to a smooth pulp.
  3. Add the cream until the soup is the desired consistency- you may add some milk or water if you find it too thick. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Serve in fancy tea-cup with fresh mint sprigs and some chives, and a little drizzle of fresh cream (This soup is also delicious served cold.)

moonShhh. Private View.

We were recently introduced to Pete Hanson, the creative director of AllCity – an outfit that creates beautiful original art work for film posters. Ace, we thought. We’ve got to do something with Pete. Pete and his crew have done the artwork for all manner of films from the brilliant Four Lions through to Moon, with Sam Rockwell. Apparently, for Chris Morris of Four Lions it was all about “blowing away the garnish”. He wanted a simple design. We kind of like that idea of blowing away the garnish. It’s sort of how we work too. But ‘nuff design speak already, we can’t wait to show you the limited edition prints. Why don’t you come along to the private view, which will be held in our Soho shop on Thursday 24th September 6:30pm - 9pm. The posters will also be available at

DSCF1390 And in other news…

Our man Leon Cerrone (in pic above), who has been shop manager extraordinaire at our Lambs Conduit Flagship store, is leaving us after five years and venturing to marvellous new meadowlands. He is passing the baton to Steve the Judge. So when you’re next in the Lambs Conduit shop, pop in and say, “’Wassup Steve?” or perhaps you can come up with your own greeting, something a little less street, more Downton Abbey. Our pal Adrian, Founder of  Soho Radio – the great independent radio station two doors down from our Soho Folk Shop, has just informed us that the DJ Eddy Temple-Morris, formerly of XFM Radio will be presenting his Remix show on Soho Radio every Friday from 10pm to midnight. Eddy says: “It’s great to be part of a genuine community radio station with such a maverick spirit, something which reflects me and my beloved show.” -