Mid/night 00.00 - Face Cream 00.23 (50ml) - Unscented


Advanced multi-peptide moisturizer night cream that alleviates your skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines. Highly efficient with hyper-concentrated active natural ingredients. Let the cream work while you rest.


Promotes collagen generation, accelerates wound healing, stimulates new cell growth and improves circulation

High percentage of hyaluronic acid deeply moisturises while reducing wrinkles and soothing dry skin

Vitamin B5 provides greater elasticity and improves skin hydration

Contains activated charcoal, aloe vera extract and green tea extract

Suitable for all skin types

96.5% natural

Locally produced in Barcelona

PH balanced


Cruelty free




Mid/night 00.00 - Face Cream 00.23 (50ml) - Unscented