Autumn 21 | New Collection

Our new collection is an outdoors-inspired journey through texture, light and colour. We are happiest in the in-between spaces: junctions between land and sea, and it's here we set our new season adventure.

With strong interest in collage and reassembly, our design team have taken this concept of intersecting, overlapping, patchworking to a new level with garments featuring panelling, embroidery and subtle contrast textures throughout.

Our colour palette is on point. Again. Choose from a rich Autumnal base of deep navy, fern, tan and oxblood with accents of mineral tones of blue, green & thistle.

Continuing our best practice in responsible garment making, we have sourced many fabrics locally and re used, re dyed, re purposed selected cords, canvas and twills for a fresh Folk collection which is as resourceful as the arts & crafts inspiration that we embrace.

We shot the images through a 24hr stay on the Isle of Portland in South West England, diving between quarries, lighthouses and beach huts in a life affirming spirit of optimism and beauty. Just like Folk itself.



Photography Jethro Marshall & Will Cooper Mitchell, Produced by JJMarshall Associates