Folk x Goss Brothers - Into the Underworld

The Goss Brothers hail from Bristol, England. Whilst their home town continues to grow its reputation as a centre for art and music the brothers have taken their striking works further afield and have exhibited worldwide in New York, Berlin, Amsterdam and more recently, Taipei. Following a successful collaboration with Folk in 2017, this year sees the delivery of another collection featuring works from Nick and Phil based on the tragic and captivating story of Orpheus and Eurydice.

Original artwork - Goss Brothers
Illustrative adaptation - Jon Milbank

The brothers were inspired to take on the story after seeing an adaptation called Black Orpheus, a film from 1959 set in the carnival of Rio de Janeiro. They were attracted to using a familiar narrative, leaving the importance not in what you are telling, but rather how you are telling it. 

Original artwork - Goss Brothers
Illustrative adaptation - Jon Milbank

“...the colourful print and exuberant line drawings capture the idea of arcadia and notions of love, music and access. The print was loosely taken from a medical engraving interpreting the Orpheus story.....”

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