Reveal or Conceal


To overcome the divide in opinion on visible branding on our clothes we have developed a couple of solutions that we think will please everyone. We understand that loyal friends are drawn to our easy to wear, well made contemporary casual-wear because of our subtle detailing and clean looks (thank you); but also that new customers are keen to be identified as wearing Folk (we hear you).

So the first nifty system covers many trousers, jackets & shirts and uses a circular, eco-friendly, vegan leather tab which the wearer can decide is either entirely concealed within its button hole opening or ‘half moon’ revealed. It sits discreetly but visible towards the garments side seams.

The second device for outerwear only, is a branded dark magnetic badge which comes in 2 pieces and simply clasps the fabric where ever the wearer decides to place it: classic chest position, upper arm, on the cuff you choose.

Search in store or online to see them in action and adapt your purchase to revealer or concealer.