Mid/night 00.00 - Body Wash Bar 00.34 (100g) - Rosemary


Designed to reduce single-use plastic waste in your daily routine. Natural soap with Spinach Leaf which contains vitamin A, C and K that will help your skin enhance its radiance. Its fresh scent will leave your full self feeling anew. Extremely versatile, you can use it as hand wash, body wash or even face cleanser.


Removes dirt, bacteria, and other unwanted elements

Replaces the moisture with a specially curated group of essential oils

Calms and restores

Contains spinach leaf and vitamin E

Suitable for all skin types

95.6% natural

Locally produced in Barcelona

PH Balanced


Cruelty free




Mid/night 00.00 - Body Wash Bar 00.34 (100g) - Rosemary